Please note that the programme is subject to change. 

Poster Programme
08:15 Registration
08:50 Introduction
09:00 (Invited speaker) Integrating InAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers on silicon platform for silicon photonics
Huiyun Liu, University College London, UK
09:30 Optical positioning of single InAs/GaAs quantum dots for optimized III-V and hybrid III-V/Silicon quantum photonic devices
Luca Sapienza, University of Southampton, UK
09:45 Phase-controlled entanglement between two distant electron spins
Megan Stanley, University of Cambridge, UK
10:00 Phonon limit to simultaneous near-unity efficiency and indistinguish ability in semiconductor single photon sources
Jake Iles-Smith, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
10:15 Path-dependent initialization of a single quantum dot exciton spin in a nano-photonic waveguide
David Price, University of Sheffield, UK

Refreshments and poster session

11:00 (Invited speaker) Cavity quantum electrodynamics with quantum dots: from atomic-like physics to quantum transport
Audrey Cottet, CNRS Paris, France
11:30 Deterministic giant photon phase shift from a single charged quantum dot
Petros Androvitsaneas, University of Bristol, UK
11:45 Light-matter interfacing with quantum dots: a polarization tomography approach
Carlos Antón Solanas, CNRS Paris, France
12:00 Sensitive radio-frequency reflectometry
Natalia Ares, University of Oxford, UK
12:15 A single-electron interferometer in silicon
Fernando Gonzalez Zalba, Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, UK

Lunch and poster session

14:00 (Invited speaker) Towards scalable sources of entangled photons based on quantum dots
Rinaldo Trotta, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
14:30 Growth scheme for quantum dots with low fine structure splitting at telecom wavelengths
Joanna Skiba-Szymanska, Toshiba Research Europe Limited, UK
14:45 GaAs quantum dots in AlGaAs nanowires
Christine Pepke Pedersen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
15:00 What makes a good single photon source and how to quantify this?
Fabrice Laussy, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain
15:15 Far-field nanoscopy on a single self-assembled quantum dot
Timo Kaldewey, University of Basel, Switzerland

Refreshments and poster session

16:00 (Invited speaker) Nuclear notch filtering and long-distance spin exchange in GaAs quantum dots
Ferdinand Kuemmeth, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
16:30 Measuring nuclear spin temperature and GaAs hyperfine constants in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots
Evgeny Chekhovich, University of Sheffield, UK
16:45 Large-scale deterministic creation of quantum emitters in atomically thin semiconductors
Dhiren Kara, University of Cambridge, UK
17:00 Deterministic strain-induced arrays of quantum emitters in a two-dimensional semiconductor
Artur Branny, Heriot-Watt University, UK
17:15 Hybrid 2D-Quantum dot heterostructures via the Langmuir-Blodgett technique
Jonathan Roberts, Lancaster University, UK
17:30 Close of meeting

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline extended:
    25 November 2016
  • Early registration deadline:
    7 December 2016
  • Registration deadline:
    4 January 2017